Friday, December 4, 2020

Why Join the Council of Colleges and Military Education?

Pam Northrup, Ph.D. is a former academic administrator at the university level. Before retiring from the university, Dr. Pam Northrup was involved in several professional educational organizations including the Council of Colleges and Military Education (CCME), an organization that provides educational programs and facilitates communication with the Department of Defense schools.

The organization comprises military and civilian educators, post-secondary institutions, and suppliers of educational products and services. The CCME is a place where these groups can exchange information regarding programs, strategies, and innovation.

One of the major benefits of joining CCME is the opportunities to network with military leadership education. Institutional members receive a discount of $750 to the Annual Symposium and permission to use the CCME logo on their websites and literature. Participating institutions receive CCME scholarships for their students, and membership provides institutions a platform for promoting their school or organization.

The organization also serves as a vehicle for disseminating information. CCME members receive newsletters throughout the year and up-to-date information regarding policy and practices in military education.