Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Remote Learning Poses Unique Challenge

Dr. Pam Northrup is an expert on educational media and instructional systems and the founder of a higher education innovation institute. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing into the latter half of 2021, Pam Northrup and other researchers are investigating the impact of remote learning and how the landscape of education is changing in response to new applications of technology.

For many, remote learning is a necessity and has been ongoing for more than a year. However, Australian researchers have pointed out that some students are still struggling with remote learning, namely those who come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. These students make up one in four Australian students in primary and secondary education. Children from these backgrounds have reported that they find the experience distressing and isolating, as the language barrier has become tougher to surmount with limited ability to interact in the classroom.

Teachers have since recognized this in these students, often the children of immigrants who are already isolated, and schools have partnered with social services to strengthen support for these families. The effort is especially noted in rural areas, where some schools have become support centers for these children.

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